How are Same-Day and Traditional Dental Crowns different?

When a dentist informs you that you have a damaged, decaying, or otherwise weak tooth, you may question, “Will my smile ever look or feel natural and ...

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When a dentist informs you that you have a damaged, decaying, or otherwise weak tooth, you may question, "Will my smile ever look or feel natural and healthy again?" In such cases, a crown may be a possible solution. About 15 million people in the United States have had dental crowns or bridges.


Dental crowns have been a standard in the dental industry. Now that dental technology has improved, there is the possibility of getting a dental crown in a single visit. Those needing dental crowns can now select from the Traditional Crown or opt for the faster, more convenient option of a Same-Day CEREC crown in just one dentist visit.


What is a same-day crown?


CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) is used to create same-day crowns, often known as single-visit crowns. A dentist places a same-day crown in the same manner as a conventional crown. The experts reshape the toot, employing in-office machinery to create the crown. In most cases, the time between taking impressions and receiving the completed crown is only 1-2 hours. On the other hand, now there is no waiting time before one can wear the crown.


What is a Traditional Crown?


A lab-created crown is formed in a dental laboratory instead of being made in the dentist's office like a traditional crown, composed of gold alloys, base metal alloys, or porcelain-fused-to-metal. A dental lab technician crafts the crown by hand, usually combining materials, including metal and ceramic. The process typically takes two clinical visits: the first to prepare the tooth and make the mold, and the second to cement the crown once it has been completed and delivered.

 How are Same-Day and Traditional Dental Crowns different? 

In such a case, which is preferable? Are crowns made in the lab or on the same day? 


Comparison between the Two




To have a same-day crown, you only need to visit the dentist once. Your crown will be made in the office using a CEREC machine after your dentist has created a model of your tooth. When finished, your dentist will prepare your tooth for the new crown and bond it. A complete hour is hardly needed to complete the procedure!


Two appointments, one about two weeks apart, are often necessary to place a traditional crown. Tooth requires temporary crowns to safeguard dental treatment; however, they often need to be replaced since they are unstable. Temporary crowns require extreme caution when eating or speaking until the permanent crowns are designed in a dental laboratory, necessitating a visit to the dentist to have it reattached to the dental implant post or natural tooth.




The dental porcelain used to create same-day crowns is robust and can endure for more than a decade with regular cleanings and checkups. For same-day crowns, ceramic is the material of choice. Although it looks nice, this crown is not nearly as sturdy as one made from the materials used to create a more traditional crown. Thus, a crown made the same day as the tooth may appear better, but it won't last as long as one made in a lab.


Crowns produced in a lab out of gold or other metal alloys are the most bizarre looking yet last the longest. Crowns made of porcelain combined with metal are also durable, although they often damage or wear down the teeth on either side.




You might be thinking, "Which one is more expensive?" The price of ceramic crowns may be the same whether you have them created in a dental clinic or a lab. Same-day crowns can be even more reasonable than those made in a lab, although both options are equivalent in price.


Since the patients schedule fewer appointments for same-day crowns, they save time and money by not having to miss work as often.


Making the Final Choice


Your final crown selection will depend on your value of portability, comfort, quality, and price. Although traditional crowns are more durable, they require more time and effort to create since they need impressions and a temporary crown. Even though they lack durability, same-day crowns are made fast and delivered the same day. A dentist can guide you in deciding which option is ideal for your situation.


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