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It’s hard to deny the benefits dental crowns offer in regards to restoring your smile. Dentists use them to cover the imperfections caused by broken, cracked, worn, or severely decayed teeth.

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Same-Day dental crowns are imperative in restoring your decayed and damaged tooth. In addition, same-day crowns provide strength, improve appearance, and support damaged teeth. Getting same-day crowns can offer multiple benefits. 

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Same Day Crowns: Convenient and Efficient Dental Restorations 

Same Day Crowns provide a convenient and efficient dental restoration solution. To get the best quality and efficient same-day crown services in Walnut Creek, CA visit Procopio Towle Dental Office.  

We have been working with an experienced and expert team of same-day dental crown specialists here. All of our professionals have years of experience in this industry. They know how to help you achieve the best possible dental crowns without even multiple dentistry visits.  

The advanced technology solutions and knowledgeable professionals, we have become a popular destination for same-day dental crown treatment.  

We are always dedicated to providing quality dental crowns as a convenient and efficient dental solution.  

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Importance of dental crowns for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. 

Same-day crowns have become a time-saving and convenient dental solution to restore damaged and decayed teeth. Anyone who wants a convenient and efficient dental crown must consider same-day dental crown as their optimal solution.  

Learn more about same-day dental crowns and how our procedure work here for better understanding: 

What are Same Day Crowns? 

Same Day crowns, called CEREC crowns, use computer-aided design and manufacturing technology. The technology helps dentists to create custom dental crowns within their offices. The process ultimately helps in removing the requirement of multiple dental visits. You don’t even need to wear a temporary dental crown anymore.  

This treatment procedure will help you to get permanent dental crowns in just one visit.  

The critical difference between the traditional and same-day crown processes is time efficiency. Unlike the traditional dental crown process, the fabrication process requires time. Due to this, the patient has to visit the dental office multiple times. However, in CEREC, the dentist can instantly design and manufacture dental crowns within their office. Therefore, everything can be done in a single visit.  

Advantages of Same-day Crowns

Same Day Crowns offer multiple benefits. Let’s have a look at some of these to understand things better.  

So, here we go:

  • Time efficiency 

Same-day crowns don’t feature a longer treatment. Therefore, the treatment process doesn’t require you to visit the dental office multiple times. Same-day crowns offer faster treatment which will help you save time efficiently.   

  • Convenience  

The same-day crowns can help you restore your beautiful smile with added convenience. You can achieve your desired smile with just a visit to your dentist. It can provide comfort, especially to busy individuals who want to complete their dental crowns procedure quickly.  

  • Immediate Results

Unlike conventional dental crowns, you don’t have to wait longer to complete fabrication. Same-day crowns can ensure immediate results. You can get restored entirely teeth and a beautiful smile with just a visit to our dental office.  

  • Preservation of Tooth Structure

Our same-day dental crown process requires less tooth structure removal than conventional dental crown procedures. The precise milling and digital impressions can ensure your natural tooth’s minimal alteration. Ultimately, it will protect the integrity and strength of your tooth in the best possible way.  

  • Customization

Fortunately, same-day crowns are highly customizable. Your dentist can easily customize it to match tooth color, size, and shape. It will even help you have an aesthetic and seamless appearance. In addition, same-day dental crowns let your dentist make modifications and adjustments in real-time. The practice will allow them to ensure an optimal appearance and precise fit.  

  • Longevity

Same-day crowns are made of highly durable materials. Therefore, these can last for years without any hassle. The materials used in crown-making are popular for their longevity and strength. So, you can rest assured about their longevity and durability.  

Our Same Day Crowns Process 

Here is how our same-day crowns process work at Walnut Creek Dental:

Digital Impressions: 

Rather than taking digital scans, our experts will take digital expressions of your teeth with a specialized camera. It helps us to get precise measurements without even using massive impression materials.  

In-House Milling: 

With the help of CAD and CAM technology, our experts design dental crowns according to your tooth’s digital impression. They will send this design to our in-house milling machine to fabricate the dental crown. We always use high-quality dental material blocks for this purpose.  

Color Matching: 

The dentist will then choose the appropriate crown color for your real teeth color. The practice helps them to ensure that same-day crown matches perfectly to your natural teeth.  

Bonding and Final Adjustments: 

Once the same-day dental crown is ready, our specialists will prepare your teeth by removing damage or decay. Then they will bond the same-day crown with teeth using a dental cement/adhesive.  

Our experts will also make the final adjustments here to make same-day crowns fit your teeth comfortably and perfectly.  

Maintenance tips for prolonging the lifespan of same-day crowns:

Like any other dental treatment, oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are necessary to prolong their lifespan. The essential practices will include the following: 

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Regular flossing  
  • Avoid biting and chewing hard items
  • Wear a mouth-guard if you practice sports

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Q. How long do same-day crowns last? 

Same-day crowns can last for multiple years if you keep them maintained. Typically, their lifespan is similar to traditional dental crowns.  

Q. Are same-day crowns as durable as traditional crowns? 

Yes, same-day dental crowns are durable and long-lasting, just like traditional ones.  

Q. What is the cost of same-day crowns compared to traditional crowns? 

The cost of same-day crowns depends upon the following: 

  • Your specific dental crowns case  
  • Location of crowns  
  • Results you want  
  • Dentist’s fees 

Q. Can same-day crowns be used for any tooth? 

You can use same-day dental crowns for any of your teeth unless your tooth condition suits the treatment.

Q. Is the same-day crown process painful? 

Typically, the process is painless. However, dentists also use local anesthesia in surrounding tissues for added comfort.