The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Has your dentist recommended a dental crown on your damaged tooth? Know that you aren’t alone; 15 million Americans have already received crown treatm...

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Has your dentist recommended a dental crown on your damaged tooth? Know that you aren’t alone; 15 million Americans have already received crown treatment. A dental crown saves and protects a compromised tooth and keeps it away from further decay and damage. Besides giving better aesthetics, the dental crown help relieves discomfort. Thanks to modern dentistry, you can enjoy the benefits of same-day crowns.


Dental crowns are available in two types, i.e., traditional and same-day dental crowns. Both are effective and provide restorative treatment to save a tooth prone to excessive usage, broken, chipped, or damaged. However, the latter saves your time and an extra trip to the dentist. Moreover, there is no need for temporary crown placement as with the traditional crown. Many people are still unaware of the fact that same-day crowns exist. However, this article aims to enlighten you so you can make an informed decision. So, let’s get started.


What Is a Same-Day Crown?


As the same suggests, the same-day crown is a single-visit crown created right in your dentist’s office. Same-day crowns are as efficient as traditional crowns and last for about 10-15 years on average. However, with excellent care, they can even last for a decade or even throughout your lifetime.


The lab-created crowns usually require at least two dental appointments for the entire procedure. Moreover, the permanent crown takes around 2-3 weeks to prepare before it can place in the patient’s mouth. Busy people mostly want treatment in just one sitting and can avail of same-day crown placement.


Same-day crowns use CEREC technology and are highly convenient. They provide significant restoration to the affected tooth and do not require any temporary crown placement. Learn more benefits about same-day crowns from the information given below.


5 Benefits of Same-Day Crowns


  • Cost-Effective


Same-day crowns offer a cost-effective way to restore a tooth. Traditional crowns are also cost-effective compared to dental implants. However, same-day crowns are more cost-effective because they do not require a second dental visit. Moreover, there is no need to pay an extra fee for placing a temporary crown as traditional crown placement does.


  • More Comfortable


Fixing and placing a temporary crown might not be comfortable for many people. Same-day crowns eliminate your need for temporary crowns as you can get them immediately. They might also bring added tooth sensitivity to the tooth under treatment. So, same-day crowns are more comfortable and allow a snugger fit.


  • Provide Greater Protection


Same-day crowns provide excellent and instant protection to the damaged tooth due to their efficient single-sitting placement. The purpose of conventional crowns is also to protect the affected tooth. However, the same-day crown method provides added protection because the temporary crown isn’t required. A temporary crown does not cover the tooth or protect it from decay. Moreover, a temporary crown does not always fit well in the patient’s mouth and can come loose.


  • No Worries About Impression Putty


Many patients cannot tolerate impression putty as it induces a natural gag reflex. Instead, the dentist takes digital impressions of the affected tooth and does not require invasive measures. If they opt for same-day crowns, they can eliminate this dental anxiety.


  • Designed With More Precision


The dentist works on the same day crown until it’s perfect in all dimensions. Same-day crowns use CEREC technology that gives them more precision than traditional crowns. They look better, are perfectly natural, aid in chewing food, and are highly durable.


Final Thoughts


Why not avail yourself of a same-day crown to restore your tooth and beautify your smile? Same-day crowns immediately restore the tooth’s integrity and imperfection. Creating these crowns using biocompatible material gives added protection that saves a tooth from further decay. Instead of waiting for weeks, you can get same-day crowns within the same day. They have a quicker turnaround and are highly budget-friendly.


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CEREC Same Day Crowns


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