All-On-4 Dental Implants

all-on-4 dental implant services to patients who want to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their mouth. People first notice your smile; our experts will help restore it perfectly

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Procopio Towle Dental Office offers top-notch all-on-4 dental implant services to patients who want to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their mouth. People first notice your smile; our experts will help restore it perfectly.

All-on-4 implants are an incredible procedure to reconstruct a mouth or multiple missing teeth to restore full functionality. With dental implants, you can protect your teeth aesthetically.

Visit Procopio Towle Dental Office for specialized Dental Implant Services

There is no need to hide your perfect simple anymore because Dr. Procopio Towle offers professional and high-quality all-on-4 implant services. We always deliver premium quality implants and customized services to ensure every patient will feel comfortable with their newly constructed smile.

Our experts will offer a comfortable and relaxing environment from consultation to treatment and aftercare. We offer complete guidance and discuss every step of the procedure to satisfy you. With the personalized treatment plan, you will enjoy the extraordinary results that you desire.

An insight into what is all-on-4 dental implants.

The all-on-4 implant technique uses four implants to replace the lower or upper set of teeth. During the procedure, posterior implants are tilted at 45° towards the rear and adjusted in the anterior maxilla because it has higher bone density. Implants provide support for a new set of fixed teeth.

Are you a candidate for all-on-4 implants?

You are a good candidate for Procopio Towle Dental Office, all on 4 implants in the following conditions.

  • Tooth loss because of an accident or injury.
  • Serious tooth decay leads to tooth loss due to age or disease.
  • Suffering from advanced gum disease.
  • Missing arches

Best materials for all-on-4 Dental Implants?

Some of the best materials for all-on-4 implants available at Procopio Towle Dental Office are.

1- Acrylic

It is a traditional material best for people who do not grind or clench their teeth. Commonly a titanium bar connects the acrylic implants. Various shapes and sizes of implants are available, which are easy to fix if required. Moreover, they are the least expensive material for all-on-4 implants. It creates a soft bite and natural feel. However, it does not last long, due to which maintenance is required.

2- Porcelain

Porcelain all-on-4 implants have a traditional bridge and crown style, making them highly durable and aesthetic. Moreover, they are easily customized according to your tooth shape and style. Procopio Towle Dental Office has highly experienced professionals to customize and perfectly adjust your porcelain implants.

3- Zirconia

Zirconia is a recently introduced material that offers various benefits. It is a strong and highly durable material that is not easily damaged. Dr. Procopio Towle customizes and adjusts zirconia on 4 implants perfectly to make them look natural and beautiful. They are slightly expensive but a great option.

Reasons all on 4 implants are the best choice for you?

Here are some reasons Dr. Procopio Towle’s all-on-4 dental implants are the best:

  • Short treatment duration
  • Possibility to avoid dental grafts
  • Simple surgery
  • Implants will be adjusted on the same day of tooth extraction
  • Fixed prosthesis, which you will not have to remove
  • Your confidence and self-esteem will improve
  • Better oral health and functionality
  • Attractive appearance with convenience

All-on-4 dental implant treatment and procedure.

Our experts will provide the best services following a step-by-step procedure.

1- Consultation and examination

Once you book your appointment, Procopio Towle Dental Office experts will examine your teeth, gums, and oral health using dental X-ray and the latest imaging techniques. During the consultation, we will discuss the best treatment approach for your dental needs.

2- Customized treatment plan

Our professionals will customize a special treatment plan that will meet your requirements. It consists of the entire treatment and recovery procedure to help make you comfortable.

3- First surgery

Depending on the condition of your teeth, the first surgery will be completed in two steps. If there is any kind of damage or decay, experts will extract the damaged tooth. Moreover, preparatory procedures will be done to improve bone density and volume for further treatment.

Afterward, all-on-4 implants are adjusted using local anesthesia. Jawbone is exposed with an incision. Professionals will drill a hole in your bone where an implant is inserted. The gum tissue will be stitched to start the healing process.

4- Healing process

During the healing process, osseointegration occurs when bone fuses with the all-on-4 implant to create a stable foundation. It can take 3 to 4 months to heal completely. With the help of temporary restoration, the functionality of your jaw will be maintained.

5- Abutment placement

A minimally invasive procedure will expose the top of the implant to attach connectors for the final restoration.

6- Placement of final all-on-4 restoration

After proper health, customized dental crowns are attached to all-on-4 implants that offer a natural and aesthetic smile.

Necessary Precautions and Aftercare

It takes 4 to 5 days for the implants to recover. Therefore, Procopio Towle Dental Office professionals will provide proper aftercare guidelines and precautions that patients should consider for the best outcomes. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and care is a necessity.

To avoid further complications and pain, avoid extremely hot liquids and foods. Do not consume chewy and hard foods for the first few days. It is better to have soft foods which are easy to chew and eat.

Moreover, do not miss your follow-ups and checkups with Dr. Procopio Towle.


Q. How long does the procedure take?

A: It takes 3 to 4 hours for the complete process.

Q. Are all on 4 implants long-lasting?

A: The implants will last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene and care maintenance.

Q. Will I be placed under general anesthetic for the procedure?

A: No, a local anesthetic will be enough for the treatment.