Walnut Creek Patient Reviews

“Dr Procopio and her staff are the best! Always a great experience, always attentive to my needs. Helen is my hygienist and she is great!”

— Carla N. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Professional and friendly. I went in for a filling. They followed Covid 19 safety protocols. I received a video via email showing their procedures upon entering and signing in so I knew what to expect. My filling was completed quickly. Everything went smoothly. My family has been coming to this practice for years. The stuff is great and very helpful.”

— Libby R. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“A positive experience! Dr. Procopio is a real professional. She does not try to sell you on things that you don’t want. She is very competent as are her helpers. The whole staff make a painful experience nearly painless. The doctor and her staff have my highest recommendation.”

— Sam G. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)


“Full Marks!!! Fast, efficient & totally professional, Helen made my teeth & mouth feel better than it has in ages. This hygienist is first cabin all the way!!”

— John T. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“I can’t believe I’m writing a ‘miss you’ note to my dentist and staff. But I do miss all of you. Nice smiles and laughs Hope none of you are in harms way”

— Jane K. (via email)

“Just wanted to say that we really appreciate the careful work of your team under all circumstances, and especially so now! You planned well in advance, have made prudent decisions, set up effective procedures, and are communicating this all pro-actively to your patients. Our family’s trust in your practice is well-placed. Way to go! Thanks for the diligence: thoroughness is a big deal. Hope to see you again when things improve.”

— Preston S. (via email)

“Hi Dr Procopio, I want to thank you and your staff for my experience yesterday. Thank you, Dr. Joyce and Bobby for arranging my visit, a new crown, and crown “warranty” on the same day I called. It started as a bad day with a chipped tooth and ended with a custom made crown. Thanks again, see you in May.”

— Jordon B. (via email)

“Great service and the staff is very friendly. Dr Procopio is the best!”

— Carla N. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Knowledgeable and friendly”

— Alessandra T. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“My hygienist was fantastic! She is very gentle and knowledgeable.”

— Jason T. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“High Quality Dental Office. Great service and every professional.”

— Milton W. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Quality service / Professional Staff / friendly. Always attentive to my dental needs, community friendly, qualitative service, educational and enlightening to my needs, patient kind and understanding!”

— Thomas M. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)


“My hygienist was by far the BEST cleaning I have ever had Been coming to Dr. Wolter for 25 years so that is saying a lot!! Dr. Joyce Chi was great also. She explained procedures etc very nicely which I appreciated 👍 Isabel her assistant was also very nice”

— Scotty F. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Dr. Procopio is the best! She is gentle, kind and thoughtful. Her staff goes the extra mile to make you feel welcome. The updates Dr. P. has made are a delight. I highly recommend Dr. Procopio. Love Dr. Procopio and her staff.”

— Charlotte W. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“I had a terrible abscess a year ago. Had a very successful almost painless root canal by Dr. Yass Dastmalchi referred by Dr. Procopio. This amazing team allow time for me to heal so I can have a cap instead of an implant. A year on, I am showing positive progress. After checking my tooth thoroughly, the doctors agree to hold off procedures and monitor my healing for a few more months. I consider their evaluations have my best interest in mind. Thank you to both doctors.”

— Maureen A. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Returning patient. So sad to hear about Dr. Wolter but I know he’s pain free. Dr. Procopio is the best. She explains what’s going on just like Dr. Wolter. Awesome experience! The new staff in the front is super nice also.”

— Shona P. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Dr. Procopio is the best dentist in Walnut Creek very expert, good, she knows perfect what problem you can have and what her have need to do for you. I recommend her very good”

— Salvatore M. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Alex was awesome and very friendly”

— Ryann Q. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“I was Dr. Wolter’s patient from 1976 for 43 years & now I’m Dr. Procopio’s patient. Thank you Dr. Procopio for completing my front tooth implant today! I am very happy with the results & your good care of me with your wonderful DA, Nellie during this process. I highly recommend your practice to anyone seeking a professional & knowledgeable & gentle dental practice!”

— Karen N. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“I always appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of all. I know I can trust Dr. Procopio to recommend and do what is best for me.”

— Arlene R. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“I wanted to express my delight with the dental care provided by Dr. Joyce today. She is very professional and pleasant. She is a great representative of the practice.”

— William K.

“Very professional. I always receive the best care from very professional staff. They are up to date on latest technology and add a very personal touch to their work. Friendly people! No pain in cleanings or detail work to date and I have been going here for over 10 years. Highly recommended.”

— Tom C. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“I would highly recommend Dr. Procopio’s office to my friends or any who is planning a change in their dental care.The office is very efficient and also friendly. I have complete confidence in Dr. Procopio and will follow any treatment plan she suggests. She recently put in implants and is currently installing a crown.”

— Cathy K. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Top notch professional care. As a long time patient, it’s great to know you can count on great dental care in a calm friendly office. I appreciate the conservative approach that the late Dr. Wolter and Dr. Procopio take in regards to my dental care, and it’s nice having trust knowing I will only get recommended procedures that are truly needed.”

— Pat H. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“The quality and dental professional established by Dr. Wolter’s continues. You and the office staff are number one and I would refer anyone needing dentistry to you. Thanks much.”

— Jim and Marilyn H.

“Who’d think that going to the dentist can be painless? And make you happy? I’ve been seeing Dr. Procopio for years, and I’ve had a LOT of work done (crowns, root canals, fillings, implants). I love that she weighs all my options and never recommends work that is not absolutely necessary. Her injections do not hurt, and I’ve never needed anything stronger than Tylenol after a major procedure. Why? Because she is the very best at what she does. Your teeth are an investment. Doing work now will avoid bigger issues later. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Procopio. She’s a dentist with heart!”

— Cathy T. (via Yelp)

“Thank you so much for finding an appointment time for me on such short notice! I was seen quickly, and the needed repair to my front tooth were done in record time with no novocaine needed! Totally painless!”

— Richard H. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“As always upfront staff and Dr. Procopio and her staff were very professional, kind and gentle.”

— Kay S. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Quick, painless dental care!”

— Geri K. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Love my hygienist: Tamsen. She is gentle and fun to talk to.”

— Alex T. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“My 8 year old daughter instantly fell in love with Dr. P. My daughter was very comfortable with her from the beginning of her appointment. She did not feel her extraction of her baby tooth. Highly recommended!!!”

— Christine A. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Route cleaning and checkup The office remodel looks great! Excellent!”

— Kevin A. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Charlene was one of the Best Dental Hygienists I have had in a very long time. Friendly, professional, and down to earth. Dr. Joyce was very nice also. Very Knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you for a nice experience!”

— Scotty F. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Tamsen was very gentle and made my teeth whiter!”

— Sandra T. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“This was my first visit in a Saturday, after almost 17 years of having them care for me… Every one was ready and upbeat… 8:00am was fun and “let’s get this done” time! I love all the team! I am always leaving happy knowing the best decisions have been made.”

— Lucy M. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Dentistry at its finest. Always treated with kindness and care.”

— Richard P. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“I’ve been a patient for nine years and have absolutely no complaints. They are unbelievably honest in their diagnosis. Where other dentists wanted to do expensive work they informed me after several diagnosis that were no problems!! I would not go anywhere else.”

— Barbara S. (via Rate-a-Biz Review)

“Great care, great service, nice people. Extremely pleased with the quality of care provided over the years.”

— Dave G. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“DR. PROCOPIO was so great ! Loved how she was so patient with my daughter. Thank you so much !”

— Maritza I. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“I chipped my tooth last night. Got an appointment immediately this morning. Dr. Lee evaluated and repaired my tooth right away. Her work is excellent. Her bedside manners are great. She softly explained every step of the procedure. Totally painless and reassuring.”

— Maureen A. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“Dr P is a very knowledgeable and competent dentist. A professional who cares about both patients and their families. She was able to see me right away when I had an emergency issue…being a “First Responder” I needed quick care and action with my tooth…I’m very fortunate to have them as my dentist and friend…”

— Thomas M. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“I had a bad experience with popcorn and broke a filling. Dr Nima was warm, caring and very efficient. He made me feel like my comfort was paramount. His assistant was professional and very kind. I don’t have dental insurance and found the fee to be reasonable and the work exemplary. I have been a client of this organization for over 40 years and have never been disappointed.”

— Peg R. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“We have been coming to this dental practice for 35 years and have always been impressed with the excellent dental care that our whole family has received. We especially appreciate knowing that we can completely count on their conservative and honest recommendations. The dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and office staff are all very good, professional, and friendly.”

— Arlene R. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“I always get the best in expertise and treatment with Dr. Procopio. I have been relying on her professional services for many years now. She is a great listener and handles your dental needs with great care. I would highly recommend”

— Brian Y. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“This office has the most professional and personable people ! I can’t tolerate anyone not kind and experienced in my mouth , I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling. Let’s face it , your dentist and hygienist get up close and you want to vibe with them ! This is your place , not only is everyone following their dentist destiny, they are kind , kind , kind. Have your clean and enjoy it too. I love this office.”

— Sib S. (via Rate-A-Biz Review)

“I’ve been a patient for decades and have always received top-notch dental care. Love the conservative philosophy of both Dr.Wolter and Dr. Procopio, and I always have felt they have been upfront and honest about my dental health. From the friendly and knowledgeable front office staff, to the thorough hygienists (a special shout out to Helen), this practice has been built on trust and the expertise of Dr. Wolter and Dr. Procopio. The fact that everyone is friendly and welcoming is an added bonus!”

— Pat H. (via Google Review)

“Been with Dr Wolter & Assoc. for 20yrs. Bobby, is an exceptional receptionist and has made me feel known and understood especially through all our insurance changes. Super professional staff all around. I trust all the Associate Dentists because of my experience and Dr Wolters high level of expectation and professionalism. Dr Wolter is the best- my husband and I enjoy chatting with him about all the cool medical devices and techniques he has in the office. My husband had a bad experience as a child with dentists and this is the only dentist he would continue seeing. Great for kids too- mine grew up there.”

— Allison L. (via Yelp Review)

“I’ve been a patient for decades and have always received top-notch dental care. Love the conservative philosophy of both Dr.Wolter and Dr. Procopio, and I always have felt they have been upfront and honest about my dental health. From the friendly and knowledgeable front office staff, to the thorough hygienists (a special shout out to Helen), this practice has been built on trust and the expertise of Dr. Wolter and Dr. Procopio. The fact that everyone is friendly and welcoming is an added bonus!”

— Pat H. (via Google Review)

“My family of five has loved Dr Procopio and staff from the kids first “chair visit” to working around braces and finally as adults. Dr P is delightful and an extremely talented dentist with the hands of an artist (small hands that have gently done outstanding restoration work after sports injury). The business staff is efficient and friendly too. Recommend them highly!”

— Stephanie M. (via Google Review)

“Dr Tiziana Procopio is the best dentist! I have been seeing her for years after moving here from San Francisco. She is warm, smart, meticulous, and personable and stands by her work. My teeth are especially complicated because of an accident I had 20 years ago. I have had to have root canals, multiple crowns, gum surgery, etc. And she has been patient and caring throughout. On top of that, I completely trust her. I feel like she cares about me like I’m one of her family. She has squeezed me in to see her in emergency situations (like when a temp crown has come off!), etc. I cannot recommend her more highly. You will not be disappointed.”

— M C. (via Yelp Review)

“I have been to several other dentists in the area. Dr. Wolters and Dr. Procopio are the best of the bunch. I am a nervous person as it is and going to the dentist just increases my nerves, but everyone at the office made me feel comfortable and at ease and didn’t make me feel like I was over-reacting, which I much appreciate.”

— Jeannie V. (via Yelp Review)

“I love going to Dr. Wolter and Associates! Everyone is so friendly and the exam rooms and chairs are really comfortable. They are always on time, too. My husband and I have been going to Dr. Wolter’s for years, except for a 10 year period when we lived in Virginia. We were never able to find any place like Dr. Wolter’s in Virginia and we are so glad to be back!”

— Barbara C. (via Yelp Review)

“I just went in for a cleaning, and it was a great experience. The hygienist, Jessica, is really great and the receptionist is friendly and efficient as always. I have been going there for years, with Dr. Wolter as my dentist, and have had a consistently good experience.”

— John A. (via Yelp Review)

“Have been a patient for over 20 years and have always been very satisfied with the dental care. The dentists and staff are very professional and caring.”

— Lisa A. (via Yelp Review)

“Great dentists…friendly stuff…been going there for years,me and my husband. Dr.Procopia is amazing and getting my teeth cleaned by one of their hygienists is like getting a massage.They always laugh when I tell them that I’m looking forward to my appointment.”

— Nina B. (via Yelp Review)

“Okay, first off let me say that not only do I not love going to the dentist but I have a true fear of them. Dr. Procopio and Nelly have changed all of that. She deals with my phobia so perfectly that I am now going in on a regular basis to take care of my teeth. She never makes me feel bad about my fears or my past neglect and I’m so thankful that I’ve found her!”

— Kim S. (via Yelp Review)

“The staff is always very kind, professional, and I never have had to wait past my appointment time. The hygienist’s and two dentists I have seen (Dr. Wolter and Percopio) are very considerate of my comfort. They always generously answer my questions and concerns I have had about procedures I had as well as general oral care questions. I will stay with this Dental Office as long as my insurance allows.”

— Jim L. (via Yelp Review)

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Wolter for 18+ years and Dr. Procopio also. The doctors and their staff provide the best dental care in our area. I would highly recommend them to everyone.”

— Robyn E.

“Went to see Dr. Wolter today, LOVE HIM..honest dentist and not many arounnd these days. Needed something fixed and he got me in…I sent him a text on Tuesday 4.12.11 and he responded right away at 1AM!! My son cracked his 2 front teeth awhile back goofing around and Dr. Wolter met us on a Saturday in his office. I took Mikey to our previous dentsist Dr. Krober in concord they told me that Mikey needed a root canal??? what he has chipped his 2 front teeth when he was 8 and we know that he has to get them repaired at least every 2.5 years. Dr. Wolter told us Mikey will need a root canal eventually but at 15 yrs old he said that his teeth are fixable. I am so impressed with their staff because they make you feel COMFORTABLE!!!! My girlfriend refered Dr. Wolter us and I can only say THANK YOU!!!!!”

— Debbie C. (via Yelp Review)

“Let me preface by saying, like the majority of the world…I am not a fan of dentists. However, Dr. Procopio is a gem…she is kind,gentle, and sensitive to the needs of giant scaredy cats like myself. I was very nervous about my procedure but she took the time to set me at ease and answer all of my questions. In the end the pain was nonexistant and it was all over very quickly. That’s how I like my dental appointments…fast and painless. Go see Dr. Procopio!”

— AW S. (via Yelp Review)

“20+ years service. Always excellent!”

— Brenda L.

“Dr. Tiziana Procopio is sensitive, very professional, extremely skilled and a delight to be around! She always makes herself available and takes your dental needs to heart. I recommend her highly. Friendly, efficient and caring dental office.”

— Janice C.

“Helen did an excellent job cleaning my teeth and Dr. Procopio made a good plan for crowns and replacing bridge.”

— Shirley H.

“My latest visit to Dr. Wolter dentistry was another great experience. A thoroughly professional technician cleaned my teeth. Then Dr. Procopio repaired my front teeth to where they look like new. Very efficient, very professional, courteous and friendly staff. Will go there again, like I have for the last 30 years.”

— John B.

“You can not find better dentist in the state of California! Yes, I have looked since my father moved us here in 1959!! Yes, I have been to many from Southern to Northern California! Dr. Chis Wolter and Dr. Procopia are the BEST! Don’t risk the pain trying others, just call them!”

— Richard H. (via Google Review)

“My husband and I have been going to Dr Wolter and Dr Procopio for almost 20 years now and they are both very caring and professional.
Helen does an excellent job cleaning our teeth. We are always in good hands with her.”

— Knud L. (via Google Review)

“Just had Helen clean my teeth — she is fantastic; ask for her! I’ve had a lot of work done here, and they do GREAT work.”

— Patrick C. (via Google Review)

“My wife and I have been going to Dr. Wolter’s for years. A truly caring professional, he takes the time to get to know you, and to make sure that you are comfortable with his services. Dr. Wolter’s staff is also very personable and caring. I don’t give reviews on Yelp very often, but I feel Dr. Wolter’s is truly an exceptional dentist.”

— Steven G. (via Google Review)

“Dr. Wolter and Dr. Procopio are the absolutely best dentists in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have known this for 25+ years. The explain all the options and are at the cutting edge on all the new technology. Brilliant cosmetic dentistry, too. They saved my smile!”

— Cathy T. (via Google Review)

“As always excellent care. Patient for over 30 yrs. Recommend them to Family and friends”

— Kay S. (via Google Review)

“I have been a patient of Christopher A Wolter & Associates for over twenty years and have been very satisfied with the dental services they have provided. They have an excellent staff and have kept up with all of the modern advances in the dental field.”

— William S. (via Google Review)

“He Is one of the best dentist I ever had. Thank you Dr Wolter.”

— Alireza B. (via Google Review)

“Dr Wolter met my personal dental needs in a friendly manner. My teeth cleanings were excellent.”

— William F. (via Google Review)