With continual improvements in materials and technique, patients of today’s skilled dentists can restore their smile to a very natural look and feel.

Are you considering dentures to replace your teeth?

Our professional, quality dentists are proud to offer our patients a myriad of general, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry services to those in and around the area of Walnut Creek, CA. The loss or extraction of natural teeth can have a devastating impact on your smile, oral functionality, and on your general health and well-being.  Procopio Towle Dental Office provides patients with the best quality of care, designing partial or full dentures when this option of care is most suitable.

Dentures have been around for centuries! 

With continual improvements in materials and technique, patients of today’s skilled dentists can restore their smile to a very natural look and feel.

How does the denture process work?

A consultation with our doctors is your first step in the denture development process. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions, as well as for the dentist to perform an examination. This is the time when recommendations will be made regarding dentures, as they pertain to your specific needs.

The next step is to collect a series of impressions and measurements of your jaw and mouth. This information must be precise to obtain the most accurate and comfortable fit for you. The measurements and forms will be used to create models that you will be able to try on and have adjusted to ensure the most precise and comfortable final product. Choosing the color and shape of the teeth for the dentures will be a part of the process, as well.

Once the models are complete, they will be used in the creation of your dentures. Once the finished product is received by the dental office, you will return for their final fitting, where you will be able to experience the restored beauty and function of a full set of teeth. Getting used to dentures may take an adjustment period, but after a brief amount of time, they should feel quite natural and provide many years of enjoyment.

Partial Dentures for a few missing teeth

Partial dentures are prosthetics used to replace a few missing teeth. To achieve the best result, your dentist takes ample time in the design process, customizing options such as the size of teeth and the coloring for artificial teeth and gums. Patients of Procopio Towle Dental Office can also choose to improve the overall functionality and feel of a partial denture through stabilization with dental implants. However, when your partial denture is designed, you can trust that your dentist will make every effort to preserve natural tooth structure in the remaining teeth, and design plates in such a way to achieve a secure, comfortable fit.

Full dentures for no teeth

Full dentures are necessary when no natural teeth remain. In this situation, your dentist will discuss the options available, including implant-supported dentures. Full dentures rely on suction to remain stable, and this factor may change over time due to the natural deterioration of bone tissue. However, with or without additional support, a full denture can restore your sense of confidence in the appearance of your smile and will allow you to enjoy optimal functionality.

Don’t let missing teeth affect your smile and well-being. Contact Procopio Towle Dental Office in Walnut Creek to learn about your tooth replacement options.