Our Dental Services

The Best Dentistry is No Dentistry

It is always best to identify and treat small problems before they become big problems. At Procopio Towle Dental Office in Walnut Creek, CA, we help our patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums through a comprehensive preventive dentistry program. Along with regular dental cleanings by our gentle hygienists and examinations by the best dentists that are essential to maintaining your dental health, we teach proper home care techniques to help assure that your mouth remains healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry = A Beautiful Smile!

An attractive smile helps your self confidence, and also how others relate to you. You will smile more when you know that your teeth look great. When you smile at others, they tend to smile back, and the whole world seems like a happier and more welcoming place. Our patients tell us that improving their smiles is truly life-changing. There are many options available to give you a perfect smile, including porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, cosmetic contouring, and Invisalign “no braces” Orthodontics.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

The most effective way to replace missing teeth is with dental implants. Procopio Towle Dental Office uses advanced “3D Cone Beam” technology to ensure precise implant placement. Your dental implants will feel like the strongest teeth in your head. The procedure is relatively painless, and your replaced teeth are actually stronger, better looking, and last longer than natural teeth.

Complete Family Dentistry at Procopio Towle Dental Office in Walnut Creek, CA

Here, Procopio Towle Dental Office loves patients of all ages — no patient is too young or too old for quality dental care. Our caring and gentle team strongly believe that children should have nothing but positive experiences at the dentist. Memories of negative experiences can remain for a lifetime, so we try to make dental visits enjoyable and fun.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Procopio Towle Dental Office uses the very best materials and modern techniques to deliver excellent high-tech dentistry. In some cases, we can use CAD/CAM computer scanning and 3D printing to fabricate beautiful “CEREC” porcelain crowns in a single visit. That means no temporary crowns, and dental laboratory, and no second visit.

Traditional Dentistry

In addition to the above, Procopio Towle Dental Office performs traditional dental services, such as white composite fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, root canals, and gum therapy, all done as comfortably as possible.