Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can be described as procedures designed to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth and gums, rather than to restore health or treat a medical dental problem. Many cosmetic services are commonly integrated along with restorative treatments, in order to return the patient to an enhanced state of both form (appearance) and function (chewing).

Procopio Towle Dental Office in Walnut Creek, CA are professionally skilled in performing a variety of cosmetic dental services. Cosmetic dentistry is very personal and individualized for each patient. We understand that the appearance of your smile can have a dramatic impact on your confidence, image, overall appearance, relationships, and human interactions. When you look in the mirror, you want to love what you see, and when you flash your most charming smile, you want to feel confident that others will love what they see. Our goal is to make that happen.

Improving your smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Any decision of a patient to pursue cosmetic dental improvements can contribute towards renewing their confidence and improving their self-esteem. While these are important to a patient’s overall well-being, a quality cosmetic dentist will ultimately be concerned with the overall oral health of the patient. Innovative treatments are available, including such services as:

  • Teeth Whitening – Take home method, according to patient preference, to brighten a dull or discolored smile.
  • Porcelain Veneers – Minimally invasive yet strong shell-like coverings for teeth. Suitable for correcting significant gaps, fractures, discolorations, as well as unevenness due to excess wear.
  • Invisalign – “Invisible Braces/Clear Aligner Trays” to straighten misaligned teeth.
  • Porcelain Crowns and Bridges – Used cosmetically and as a restoration for severely damaged teeth. Preserves much of the natural tooth structure. Beautiful, sturdy covering for a prepared tooth to provide normal function and appearance. Also used with a dental bridge to affix it in place using adjacent teeth.
  • Dental Bonding – Tooth-colored resin applied to teeth, often to correct minor gaps, chips, and color concerns. Bonding can also be used in situations to repair fractures and to reshape teeth for a more uniform appearance.
  • Tooth-colored/White fillings – Used to fill a tooth treated for a dental cavity. Strong composition for function, bonded to your natural tooth for strength, and more aesthetically-pleasing than traditional amalgam, which is metal and silver in color.
  • Inlay/Onlay Restorations – Strong, bonded and minimally-invasive alternative to large fillings or more invasive crowns.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Walnut Creek

One of our best and gentle Dentists at Procopio Towle Dental Office begins with a full evaluation, because the appearance of your smile is affected by your teeth, gums, lips, facial features, skin tone, hair color, face shape, and more. The initial visit also includes an in-depth discussion, during which the doctor will learn about your goals, preferences, style, and expectations. Our doctors will explain what can realistically be accomplished, and we will help you choose the best solutions for your individual needs.

If you are ready to fall in love with your own smile, call (925) 933-5677 and schedule an appointment at Procopio Towle Dental Office today.