Who Is the Best Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a beneficial option for tooth restoration and help elevate peoples’ smiles. They are highly durable, and with proper care, they ca...

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Dental implants are a beneficial option for tooth restoration and help elevate peoples’ smiles. They are highly durable, and with proper care, they can last for a lifetime. Dental implants are a viable alternative to fixed bridges and partial dentures.


Most healthy adults are good candidates for dental implants who are missing one or more of their teeth. However, one needs to get evaluated to see if he is the right candidate for implant surgery. Continue reading to know the characteristics that determine the best candidate for dental implants. Doing so will help you prepare for the procedure after consulting your dentist.


Characteristics of the Best Candidate for Dental Implants


Implant surgery is a popular dental treatment for tooth restoration. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than half a million people opt for dental implants yearly. This figure is in addition to millions of people who have already had implant surgery in the past.


However, dental implants do not suit everyone. It illustrates that we must look at characteristics determining the ideal patient for implant surgery. So, let’s get started.


Good health


Anyone in good overall health is an ideal candidate for dental implants. The implant surgery requires the patient to not suffer from illnesses like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, or rheumatoid arthritis. These things prevent the implant from fusing with the patient’s jawbone.


Similarly, if the patient is on any prior medication, it can interfere with calcium processing, for instance. It might damage the jawbone’s ability to heal around the implant screw. Patients on chemotherapy aren’t the best candidates for implants as this therapy weakens the bone structure.


Adequate Bone Density


Dental implants also require sufficient bone density for their protection and support. The patient must have a strong jaw to anchor implants. People who have inadequate bone density can still get the implants. However, they’ll require a procedure before placing the implants, i.e., bone grafting. It helps rebuild the patient’s bone to make it easier for implant placement.


Healthy Gums


Healthy gums are a prerequisite for implant surgery. Ideally, patients should not suffer from gum diseases like periodontitis or gingivitis. They must cure them if they have such conditions before opting for the implant’s procedure. The implants cannot heal correctly if the gums are weak. Therefore, the patient’s gums must be healthy to support and bond with the implants.


Great Oral Health Hygiene


An ideal candidate should also have great oral health hygiene. It is crucial because such patients can care for their implants better. Dental implants, once placed, require adequate caring so that they can last for long. Patients who are already fond of maintaining their oral health hygiene would be willing to care for them appropriately.


Minimal Bruxism


Patients who struggle with teeth clenching or grinding risk failing to achieve the optimum benefits of dental implants. Dental implants require patience from the patient’s side so that he doesn’t exert pressure on teeth when faced with anxiety. If a patient cannot control clenching his teeth as a way of his habit, he is not a well-suited candidate for implants.




Dental implants might be the best option if your oral health isn’t in good shape and you want a durable treatment. However, you need to fulfill the essential criteria to avail of the treatment. If you aren’t a tobacco user and have a generally good state of health, you might be an ideal candidate. We hope you benefit from the above discussion and will visit your dentist soon.


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