What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is a scientific term used for a wide range of preventative measures that should be followed on a daily basis to build and maintai...

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Preventive dentistry is a scientific term used for a wide range of preventative measures that should be followed on a daily basis to build and maintain good oral health. It helps avoid any serious dental issues that arise from poor oral care.


One of the best forms of preventive dentistry is diagnosing the issue at the right time, and getting the best suitable treatment can save your other teeth from any damage. The main focus of preventive dentistry is to keep gums, teeth, tongue, and mouth healthy and free from germs.


What is included in preventive dentistry?


Any dental treatment or care that prevents the other teeth from being damaged comes under preventive dentistry.


Good Oral Hygiene:


The highly recommended and most useful thing is taking care of your oral hygiene. All dental diseases arrive from poor oral health other than broken teeth due to trauma or facial injuries. Brushing twice a day is not the only care you have to follow as a preventive measure for better oral health. Flossing at least thrice a week helps get rid of the trapped germs and food particles. Using the right type and amount of toothpaste also helps improve oral health. Moreover, fluoride-containing toothpaste helps whiten teeth and provides necessary minerals.


Regular visits to the clinic:


You can get the right treatment only when you diagnose the problem at the right time. We often delay our visits to the clinic, taking small infections lightly. These are the germs that later spread to the other teeth and cause serious tooth decay, leading to losing natural teeth. If you treat the problem at the right time, you can save your teeth. Besides this, there must be awareness regarding regular dental checkups whether you have a dental problem. Sometimes brushing and flossing do not help clean the mouth thoroughly, so we need regular cleaning from professionals to remove the micro germs and retain the natural shine of our teeth.




Bruxism or teeth grinding is a sleeping habit that can cause crooked teeth. This can damage the teeth and affect the jawbone and physical appearance of your mouth. If you have teeth-grinding, mouthguards or nightguards are the best preventive tools to keep your teeth safe.


Fluoride treatments:


Our teeth need minerals for their better health and strength. These minerals come from our diet and toothpaste, but sometimes lack of certain types of diet due to any reason can lead to demineralization of the teeth. Fluoride treatment is for the remineralization of the teeth to make them work properly and gives them a bleaching effect.


Final Thoughts:


Practicing preventive care makes you less likely to face any dental issue in the future and reduces the risk of teeth loss at an older age. Getting regular checkups and following good oral hygiene should be taken seriously for every age group to avoid any complications in the future. If you are lacking any preventive care, start following it now.


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The Benefits of Preventive Dentistry


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