What are dentures?

There are many treatments available for missing teeth or teeth loss, and the most effective and cost-efficient among them is dentures. But before goin...

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There are many treatments available for missing teeth or teeth loss, and the most effective and cost-efficient among them is dentures. But before going for the treatment, you must know "what are dentures?".


Dentures are false teeth that mimic natural teeth and work best as replacement teeth when only a few or all your upper or lower jaw teeth are missing. People often go for dental implants for missing teeth, but the best part about getting them is that they are removable and thus can be cleaned out thoroughly when needed.




  • Complete Dentures:


Sometimes, all teeth go missing for various reasons, such as the aging process, severe facial trauma or accidental injuries, etc. The major factor that makes all teeth fall off is not treating the minor diseases correctly. Tooth decays and cavities spread to the adjacent teeth making their roots weak enough to let go of the grip of the gums, and eventually, they fall off.


Complete dentures are the best choice if all your teeth are missing. Conventional dentures are applied when the gums have finished healing. The healing process can take up to 3 weeks, while immediate dentures can be used right after missing teeth. They do not allow healing time, but once the gums shrink, they need some changes.



  • Partial Dentures:


Partial dentures are replacement teeth when only a few teeth are missing. They are removable and have a denture bar that resembles the color of your gums. They attach to the teeth through a clasp. Partial dentures are made according to the shape of your teeth and the space available for them. Before placing the partial dentures, your dentist will clean out all the junk and prepare the space for the other to reside.


The impressions of your bite are sent over to the lab. There they prepare them of the exact shape and size. This may require 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your chosen type, technique, and material.




  • You get these of any shape and size that give you the most comfort. Partial dentures are designed according to your teeth' impressions, while the base resembles the color of your gums.
  • They are removable and easy to clean, so there is no fear of getting the germs trapped.
  • The missing teeth can affect your smile and sometimes lower your self-confidence. It can complete your smile and are also aesthetically pleasing.


Final Thoughts:


They are less expensive compared to the other treatments available for missing teeth. They stick to the palate so well that there is no risk of falling off. Dentures do not get colored easily and are the best option for the elders because it does not require a painful or long procedure for preparing the gum space. This is the perfect fit if you are looking for false teeth that give off a realistic look.


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The step by step guide to dentures


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