Top 5 Benefits Of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are becoming more popular than ever throughout the world. Whether you need filling in your front or back teeth, the composite filli...

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Composite fillings are becoming more popular than ever throughout the world. Whether you need filling in your front or back teeth, the composite fillings are perfect to choose, especially if you are looking for aesthetically pleasing filling material. Composite fillings easily bond with the tooth and give it great strength. It also helps to prevent any further damage making it one of the best benefits of composite fillings. These dental fillings have no mercury content, so they do not cause any long-term health effects as they are toxic-free.


Traditionally, amalgam or special-alloys fillings were used to fill tooth cavities. However, with the advancement in modern dental medicine, composite fillings are mostly recommended by dentists to fill the holes that are caused by tooth decay and cavities. There are numerous reasons for it. Here, we would like to educate you about the five notable benefits of composite fillings. So, let’s this article serve you as an enlightening personal filling fact sheet so that you can consider it for treating your cavities in the future.


Benefit # 1: Requires Less Drilling


Compared to other filling types, the composite fillings require less drilling, and much less tooth must be removed. The amalgam fillings, for instance, require heavy drilling where a significant portion of the natural tooth must be removed, which causes a weak tooth structure. On the other hand, the composite fillings result in an overall stronger tooth without causing any harm to the tooth structure.


Benefit # 2: Bonds Extremely Well.


Another benefit of composite fillings is that they bond exceptionally well with the original tooth and are custom crafted in the lab. They are aesthetically pleasing to patients. When bonded with the tooth enamel, they provide an added strength to the tooth.


Benefit # 3: Fewer Instances of Tooth Sensitivity.


Composite fillings have fewer instances of tooth sensitivity because the resin insulates the tooth against cold and hot temperatures. However, after the treatment, there are some chances of mild tooth sensitivity, which eventually goes away after some time.


Benefit # 4: Easily Repaired.


If the composite fillings get damaged for some reason, they can be repaired. Be it hard chewing; teeth grinding, or otherwise; the composite fillings might degrade; the dentist will clean the area first and then fill it again. Moreover, the old amalgam fillings can also be replaced by composite fillings, especially if you are worried about your health due to mercury content.


Benefit # 5: Fix Cracks and Chips.


The natural-colored appearance, quick bonding, and durability of composite fillings make them ideal for repairing or fixing chips and cracks in visible teeth.




One of the benefits of composite fillings are generally more durable and do not expand or contract like amalgam fillings. They look like natural teeth and bond extraordinarily well with the tooth enamel. It can be quickly placed within just a single sitting and fosters a healthy tooth structure. Visit your dentist if you have a tooth cavity and talk about composite fillings to restore your dental needs.


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