Top 3 Benefits of a Local Dentist

Top 3 Benefits of a Local Dentist near you Looking for a local dentist near you?  Your teeth have a huge impact on both your physical and mental healt...

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Top 3 Benefits of a Local Dentist near you

Looking for a local dentist near you? 

Your teeth have a huge impact on both your physical and mental health. 

For example, over 80% of Americans [1] don’t like the way their teeth look. This dislike of their teeth gives these people lower self-esteem, which can lead to a lower quality of life [2]. This is why regular visits to the dentist’s office should be a top priority. And if you want the best care possible, a local dentist is a fruitful way of receiving top-quality dental treatments on your doorstep. In order to shed further light on this, we have compiled a list of the 3 MAJOR benefits that a local dentist can offer. 

A Local Dentist Builds Personal Relationships

We know that dental service organizations and corporate or chain dentistry are in a growth phase. Most of them are based on a low-fee, high-volume model. They generally accept all of the reduced-fee plans in their areas. Many of the doctors do not have an ownership stake in these offices, which leads to more turnover, meaning patients may not see the same doctor from one visit to the next. In some cases, they have to treat several patients at the same time.  While some patients do not mind these types of dental systems, many individuals really struggle to find this type of model sustainable. One of their main concerns is the dentist's inability to get to know them on a personal level. It can be terrifying enough to have scary machinery inserted in your mouth; particularly so if the person who’s doing it is a complete stranger.  Additionally, this structure necessitates a large turnover of patients daily, leaving you susceptible to rushed treatment, which may render an erroneous diagnosis, or hurried poor-quality dental care.  In the majority of cases, this doesn’t happen with local dentists.  Local dentists function differently from those corporate models. Whether big or small inside, the dentists are part of the community and often take the time to build a personal relationship with you. - well that’s what we do here in Walnut Creek. This helps us understand your oral health needs so we can recommend the best treatment for you (and your budget).  This personable and intimate local relationship enables each member of your family to feel comfortable with the care being provided to them. This makes it easier to express any concerns that may arise in the future. Plus, it makes it easier for your kids to visit the dentist. They won’t be afraid of the dentist. You’ll trust that they are in good hands and they won’t feel any sort of panic when they hop into the dental chair.

Top Quality Dental Treatment

Local dentists tend to provide a higher quality of oral care.  Remember, they care about you. For us, dental treatment is about more than making a living. It’s about keeping your teeth healthy and your smile confident. On top of that, local dentists have a reputation to uphold. Over 85% of local businesses get a large portion of their customers through word of mouth. That means local dentists are more motivated to ensure you have a good experience with them.  Whether it’s going the extra mile to get to know you and your family, or recommending the most affordable but highly effective dental treatments - local dentists care about YOU and your teeth.  At Procopio Towle Dental Office, we like to ensure you’re completely comfortable every time you sit down in the dentist’s chair. Whether you’re receiving dental implants in walnut creek, top quality cosmetic treatments, or just a standard check-up procedure, we take the time to explain every step of the process so you know what to expect. Our dentists are in no hurry to get you in and out as quickly as possible. Instead, high quality is an integral asset to our dental clinic - which often necessitates time and meticulous attention to detail with each patient to ensure a seamless procedure.  We also have the majority of all dental treatments and procedures in-house, for both adults and children, meaning you can come to one key location in Walnut Creek to receive top-quality dental care. 

Patient Reviews You Can Trust

Before you schedule a first appointment with any dentist, it’s a good idea to ask them for referrals. These referrals will be able to tell you what type of experience they had with the dentist.  And when it comes to a local dentist, these referrals are easy to find and even easier to trust.  They are the people in your community. You probably know many of them already. They could be your acquaintances, your friends, and even your family. This ensures you can trust your dentist to take care of your teeth.  If it’s not word of mouth, a great source of information is online on the likes of Google, where you will have access to a range of reviews from patients who have received local dental services. At Procopio Towle Dental Office, we keep our online referrals updated by our clients and respond to all the comments to provide comprehensive insight into how our practice functions. It is of the utmost importance for both our customers to voice their experience with our dentists, as well as us to see their feedback - whether it’s positive or negative.  For any dental procedure here in Walnut Creek, call our office today to book in with one of our specialists. We are here to help make your smile as beautiful as possible. 


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