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There is no comeback if you lose your natural health; this is what we have been listening to since the beginning. Thanks to extensive research and dev...

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There is no comeback if you lose your natural health; this is what we have been listening to since the beginning. Thanks to extensive research and development in dental health technology, restorative dentistry is the best solution to restore your dental health.


Our overall well-being depends upon oral hygiene and dental health because how and what we eat goes through the mouth first. If you cannot eat healthy for several reasons, here are the ways that restorative dentistry is long-lasting and cost-efficient.


Types of restorative dentistry and who needs them:


Dental fillings:


Dental fillings are the most common and highly used type of restorative dentistry. People need fillings when only a small portion of the tooth is damaged. The decays and cavities, when they occur, have a very slow prognosis, so if you get a proper checkup at the right time, you can restore your natural tooth with dental fillings.


Root Canal:


When dental decay cannot be treated with fillings only. And if you face severe toothache, a root canal treatment can relieve the pain. In this way, the teeth get disconnected from the blood supply and nerves, so there is no future pain or decay.


Dental Crowns:



When only the upper chewing surface of the tooth is not working properly and need a little treatment, then crowns are the best choice for you. The exterior faces damage due to the wear and tear process and maybe aggressively eating solid foods. Dental crowns are the caps of your teeth size which cover the surface and provide a healthy surface area for chewing. They are attached with the teeth glue or cement, so there is no chance of them falling off the surface.


Dental Implants:


Dental implants are the perfect and permanent fit for your missing teeth. Unlike other artificial teeth, the implants last longer due to their ability to stick within the jawbone. Your dentist will drill the screw into your jawbone, attach the abutment, and then the dental crown.




The most beneficial treatment for old age is for people who face teeth loss due to weak gum strength or resolving bone issues. They also work if you lose your teeth due to severe facial traumas. Dentures are synthetic teeth along with gums and upper palates as well. You just need to get proper cleaning from your Dentist, who will remove all the residing particles in your teeth and get you the new ones. They can be complete (for all teeth) and partial (for only missing teeth) as well, and you can put them in or remove them whenever you want.



Other restorative dentistry procedures like tooth extraction, composite binding, space binders, veneers, etc., are also in practice for different purposes.




Restorative dentistry has solutions for all of your dental problems. Only proper care and regular checkups can save your whole life. All you need is good treatment knowledge and consultation with professionals to enjoy the food like before.


To learn more about Restorative Dentistry, Contact your Dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Tiziana Procopio Towle, DDS at Procopio Towle Dental Office.




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