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Dr. Wolter shared a YouTube link with me years ago that he had posted which was filmed by him in the early sixties. It depicted the neighborhood aroun...

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Dr. Wolter shared a YouTube link with me years ago that he had posted which was filmed by him in the early sixties. It depicted the neighborhood around Newell Avenue, and Chris on what I think was a motor scooter. Over time I lost the link, and it would be great if anyone in his family or some acquaintance might have the link to share. Hope this helps, and I too miss him. ~Richard G. ********** Dear Dr. Procopio, Has it really been a year? Time goes by so quickly. I just want to compliment you on your beautifully written email regarding his passing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us who knew him and loved him. If you would like to post my thoughts, I would like to add: When Dr. Wolter was with you he had a way of making you feel like you were his most important patient. He was kind and gentle while taking care of your dental work and was always excited to show off his latest electronic gadget. I always had to clear my calendar for a hour or more when I saw him as he wanted to share stories about flying somewhere or show off aerial photos his took or talk baseball. A few Saturdays I came by and we listened to old games he had taped from years past. Dr. Wolter was my dentist for 30 years and I know he is truly missed by all of us who were lucky enough to know him and call him a friend as well. ~Annina P. ********** Wow❣️ What wonderful memories I have of Dr. Wolter on San Miguel Drive.  A coworker referred me to him when I was working in Pleasant Hill.  My memory fails me as to what year that was but it’s been a very very long time ago. I’m not sure how long he’d been in practice but I immediately liked him. His girls were very small (probably just babies). He was a doting father.  I followed him when he moved the practice to Olympic Boulevard. He introduced me to sealants. It’s been 20+ (or more) years since I’ve had a cavity. LOL. What impressed me so much about him was that he really loved the profession that he was in. He loved people. He also loved keeping up with the latest technology and wanted to pass that on to his patients. My after-cleaning visit with him was always so very special. We talked like old friends about whatever there was to talk about i.e., the Giants, flying and last place visited, my vacation and last place visited, newest dental procedure, etc. Every 4-5 months or so we just sort of picked up where we left off. Like good friends do. ☺️Yes, he’s deeply missed but never ever forgotten. ~Michele Y. S. ********** I became one of Dr. Wolter’s patients in ‘95. I always looked forward to my visits because whether there to see Chris, one of the other dentists or just a routine cleaning, he and I would spend time talking about two of our in-common life interests, photography and flying. He also taught me a good deal about the art and science of dentistry. Sometimes we talked for a good deal of time, raising havoc with the office schedule as Dr. P, or another dentist, and an assistant would be waiting to perform a mundane procedure such as a crown or implant. Everyone happily waited while Chris and I talked about and showed off photos and told stories of flying, (I am not a pilot but have spent considerable time flying in all kinds of aircraft. In a previous life I was a photo journalist.) I did get to go flying with Chris, it was great. I was also impressed with the way he handled his illness, he spent time explaining to me the entire situation, how he was handling it all and with his usual good humor and realistic approach. I do miss my favorite DDS. I was in the office numerous times during the months leading up to his death but I was out of the country at the time of his services. Thank you for giving me a chance to share this.  I recall sometime around 2004 - 2005, I had been having trouble with a molar, it became abscessed and was causing great pain resulting in a Saturday evening call to Chris moaning about a prescription. The result was me meeting Chris at the office early Sunday morning, just me, my wife, our Bichon Frise and Chris, more talk about all sorts of things...and a successful root canal. ~Best Regards, Milt S. ********** Hi Dr. Procopio-Towle. I’ll remember Chris as passionate about his work, patients, flying, art, family, sports. One of the things I’ll miss is the opportunity to attend a Oakland Raiders or A’s game with him. We spoke about it, but could not get it together. He was proud of his Reggie Jackson MVP trophy that was pulled from a fire. He loved to show that off.  We had good laughs about it. I’m glad I have his Oakland Coliseum image in my office. Thank you for making that available to me. He loved deploying technology. Remember the patient goggles he had? I think you could watch news and videos.  And, the 3D crown building machine. I’m glad to have used them. We’ve lost a local treasure. ~Thanks for doing this, Jordon B. ********** I was so sorry to hear of Dr.  Wolter’s  passing.  My husband and I had been patients of his for so many years.  I had particularly difficult dental problems and he provided the most wonderful, caring direction and techniques to help me through some otherwise stressful times.  I recall one evening many,  many years ago, while we were leaving for a party on a Saturday night.  A temporary tooth had come out.  I called Dr. Wolter and he met me at his office and repaired the tooth; I never forgot his kindness.   My husband as well enjoyed his friendship; my hubs took him to a 49er game that year.  He was a very personable and caring man. ~Julianne B. ********** Dr. Wolter was a good person and a true professional. I enjoyed our conversations and it was always so apparent that he enjoyed flying. My true regret is that our talked about flight around Columbia, Ca never worked out because of our schedules. I do know that God will take care of him and that he’s probably flying around in the clouds now. ~Roger H. ********** He was such a kind man! I always felt like I was in good hands with him, he always made me feel good coming and going from his practice. He is missed and will never find another Dentist like him. He was a pioneer and great man. Rest In Peace 🙏 ~Lauren L. ********** Drs. Procopio and Wolter, We truly appreciate your email and reminder though difficult to accept that a full year has passed since Dr. Wolter passed away. Where should I begin we lived just down the block on Olympic Blvd., close to Dr. Wolter's office in 1991 this is where our family started being patients/customers of his practice. To this day we remain patients/customers now of Dr. Procopio Wolter's dental office.  We lived in the Peninsula San Mateo for a while and we would commute to his office for our dental treatments and check up annually. His office and staff always made it possible for us to have the time and day available to commute from the Peninsula to come over see him when we needed to be seen. There are so many stories of him and his kindness and graciousness towards our family I can only imagine to how many other patients he extended the same this is how he was caring, conservative and always with a positive and encouraging outlook on our dental issues or matters that we would have. There will never be another Dr. Wolter he was one of a kind human being we were very fortunate to known him and have had such a caring and kind dentist to take care of our dental needs for our family we were his patients for over 29 years. We look forward to Dr. Tiziana Procopio Towle and her staff to continue to carry forward the dental practice that he built of quality dental services for everyone and carry on his legacy. Thank you for the opportunity to express some kind words about Dr. Wolter and the person that he was besides being a dentist to our family since I personally do not do Facebook. ~Alvaro S. ********** Dr. Procopio Towle, Thank you for the lovely remembrance of Dr. Wolter. He was my dentist for 30 years and always gave me the very best of care and excellence in all my dental needs. I still think of him fondly. ~Best, Kendall L. ********** Going back 40 years there are a lot of shared memories with Chris and our families doing things together, especially in the early 80's. Here is one that is less than 10 years old (I think)….  Since I have known him (somewhere around 1980) Chris was always trying to keep in the forefront of technology and gadgets.  I remember when he purchased one of his first drones with video camera attachment.  He could not wait for me to finish getting my cleaning done so that we could go out into the parking lot, get the drone out of the trunk and get it up in the air.  We probably flew that thing for 10 minutes, going over traffic and homes, using the camera to get a real “birds eye view” of the neighborhood.  He had an excitement that was infectious and really enjoyable to experience and share😉 take care… ~Art H. ********** Hi Dr. Thanks for including my wife and I on your mailing list in remembrance of Dr. Walters. He became our family Dentist when my Family and I moved from upstate New York  to California in 1984. We all looked forward to his kindness, honesty, and overall warm personality whenever we chatted with him during our dental appointments. I felt honored to have been his Father's replacement in the EBMUD Accounting Department when he retired from the Water Organization. We chatted and and laughed about "how small" the world can be at times in that I was now a patient for his Father's son. Thank you again for the remembrance reminder  relative to this wonderful man. Hope You and your Dental Staff stay safe and healthy during this Pandemic COVID-19 time period. Love to you all! ~Paul and Phyllis R. ********** I first met Dr. Chris in 1976 when he started his dental practice at the his Ridgecrest office in Walnut Creek CA on San Miguel. We were both 27 years old. We loved Chris so much as he cared for me (Karen) & my husband Jim & our daughters Keely & Koreen over many years. Keely was only 3 years old when she first met Chris & Koreen was also 3 when she first met him. Now they are 46 & 42 years old. Chris changed my life a few years ago when he gave me lumineers for a whole better look of my teeth & smile I was proud of. When Chis passed last year we were both 70 & had been dentist & patient for 43 years! A  Remarkable history which I treasure!  I miss him so much & am thankful that Dr. Procopio has carried on Chris’s great tradition in the footsteps of his dentistry! ~Karen N. ********** You can bet he's giving a 'Fly Over' to his and all FRONT LINE workers! ~Robert M. & Family ********** "After I wrote to Dr. Wolter complementing his photo of his blue and gold macaw, he mailed me two feathers explaining that held up to the light, reveals a brilliant blue on one side and a shimmering gold on the opposite side. He included photos of him swimming with his macaw in his pool. The feathers and photos are posted on my memory bulletin board.A lovely, kind and thoughtful man." ~Diana G. ********* "Dr. Wolter had a wonderful presence and I think his joy permeated the entire office.  I really enjoyed the 15 years we had together and will always remember his kindness." ~Kathy D. ********* "Dr. Wolter is truly missed. He was my dentist from 2002 until his death.  Rest in heaven Dr. Wolter" ~Janet E. ********* "Dr. Wolter was my dentist from 1985 until his passing.  He was an excellent dentist and a good man.  He is greatly missed." ~Margaret W. ********** I was a patient and friend of  Dr. Wolter for 30+ years. He was a friendly, creative, very competent man. We would chit chat about various things and being appx. the same age, we'd cover baby boomer stuff like the 60's, the Beatles, etc. He always had  ideas on how to work on my various dental issues and solved a lot of tough problems. I still have a plan he worked out for me posted on my refrigerator. I had hoped that he would beat the cancer but alas... He is missed. My condolences to all of you who worked with him and loved him. Regards, Dennis K.

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