Preventive Dentistry Treatments

Being proactive in preventive dentistry treatments is essential for numerous reasons. First, it costs much less than restorative dentistry treatments ...

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Being proactive in preventive dentistry treatments is essential for numerous reasons. First, it costs much less than restorative dentistry treatments like implants, fillings, or crowns. Second, it helps maintain good oral health with healthier teeth and gums. As a result, the person hardly suffers from problems like tooth decay, tooth loss, or gum disease. Third, preventive dentistry helps promote overall good health and inculcates a better sense of well-being amongst people.


Preventive dental treatments involve professional instruction, treatment plans, and the practice of fostering a proper oral hygiene routine. Preventative care is vital for having healthy teeth and gums. It uses procedures that prevent enamel wear or loss, cavity formation, gum disease, and periodontitis. Continue reading to know necessary preventive dental treatments that help maintain good oral health.


Thorough oral examination


Regular dental visits are an essential part of preventive oral healthcare. It helps catch potential issues before they grow up or cause serious problems. Almost no one likes to visit the dentist regularly, but it’s essential to have a thorough oral examination to protect your teeth and gums.


Schedule an appointment with your dentist to get yourself evaluated. It will benefit your oral health care, especially in the long run. The comprehensive oral examination usually includes the following things:


  • Diagnostic X-rays to detect cysts, bone loss, tumors, tooth decay, etc.
  • Test for gum diseases.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Evaluation of ongoing restorations to look for possible defects.


Placement of dental sealants


Dental sealants protect the teeth from decay or cavities. These are thin plastic coatings applied on the chewing surface of the permanent back teeth.


It uses air abrasion to remove stains from the teeth, and the entire process finishes within an hour. Dental sealants protect against 80% cavities for two straight years when applied.


Dental cleaning


A complete dental cleaning removes plaque, eliminates calculus, and gives teeth a cleaner appearance. In addition, it also reduces the likelihood of tooth loss or cavity formation. It helps brighten the patient’s smile and aids in maintaining healthy teeth.


  • Plaque removal:


Plaque formation is due to food, bacteria, and saliva accumulation. It is toxic and causes tooth discoloration. Therefore, plaque removal is necessary to eliminate gum inflammation and cavity formation.


  • Elimination of calculus:


Calculus (tartar) calcified plaque causes tooth decay or cavity formation. The bacteria in it irritates the gums and damages them. The dentist uses specialized tools to eliminate calculus above and below the person’s gum line.


  • Teeth polishing:


Teeth polishing helps to eliminate plaque or stains on teeth by ensuring a cleaner teeth appearance.


Fluoride treatment


Fluoride is a professional treatment with a high concentration of fluoride to provide adequate protection against cavities.


The dentist applies fluoride varnish to the patient’s teeth every six months. It helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and reduces the likelihood of its wear and tear.


Final Word


Preventive dental treatments are essential in today’s time constraint world. They help to achieve healthy smiles and improve oral health functioning. Make an effort to visit your dentist at least every 3-6 months to prevent future dental problems.


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What is Preventive Dentistry?


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