How Is A Root Canal Procedure Done?

The root canal is a part of the tooth between the roots and the crown, also called pulp. Root Canal Procedure is a type of endodontic treatment used t...

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The root canal is a part of the tooth between the roots and the crown, also called pulp. Root Canal Procedure is a type of endodontic treatment used to clean the inside of the teeth: a pulp or root canal. The process is carried out in various steps but that doesn't mean that you have to visit the clinic each step individually. The treatment solely involves only two visits.


Procedure For RCT


1. Getting Initial Tests Done



The first clinic visit, which is not a part of the treatment, is for all the tests to determine if you require RCT and which teeth need what kind of therapy. It includes a comprehensive oral exam and X-rays to identify your teeth. Any misaligned teeth or jawbone resorption are treated accordingly. Assume you have periodontitis or oral cavity illness. In that situation, the disease must be treated first to avoid therapy problems.


2. Thoroughly Cleaning The Pulp:


The root canal is cleaned properly before getting into the next step. Many people claim that RCT is painful, and it's better to pull out a tooth than get RCT. Let us dispel the myth that the process doesn't cause pain like all other dental procedures. It's always preferred to save your natural teeth instead of getting artificial ones. The patient is given local anesthesia, which produces numbness in that specific area of your oral cavity or teeth line. In this way, the candidate does not feel any pain at all. A whole is made to clean out the dead pulp and other excessive reading inside your teeth.


3. Filling Up The Canal



Before filling up the canals, the dentists shape the canals so that the material fits appropriately and no space is left unfilled. After shaping the canals, they are cleaned again to receive the material. The material which is preferably used to fill up your canals is "gutta-percha" having rubber-like consistency. After adding it into canals, it is heated to fit and attaches firmly to the walls. The canals are then sealed to ensure that the entrance of any germs is blocked.


4. Covering Up With The Crowns


Sometimes if the teeth are damaged to a greater extent, the patient needs a crown to protect the filled pulp. The teeth become more fragile and sensitive if the height does not preserve the pulp, so adding the crown is the most crucial step that should not be missed to save the root canal and your teeth.


Final Thoughts


The whole process is carried out in only two visits. The initial tests are taken in the first visit before starting the treatment to give the time to heal your already existing diseases. After getting your root canal treatment done, you may be advised to re-visit the clinic to ensure the proper functioning of your RCT.


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