How do you make your dentures last long?

Your dentist will recommend and design dentures, which are artificial teeth and gums that fit in your mouth, to replace lost teeth. Although they are ...

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Your dentist will recommend and design dentures, which are artificial teeth and gums that fit in your mouth, to replace lost teeth. Although they are not a permanent solution for lost teeth, you can still make your dentures last long. If you're missing all of your teeth, gums, or just a few, a dentist can make you a complete set or a set of partial dentures.


They not only improve the appearance of a smile with multiple missing teeth, but they also assist in maintaining the strength of the mouth's structure by supporting the tissues around the cheeks and lips. Furthermore, it can help you eat food that requires significant chewing, allowing you to keep eating the nutrition you need to stay healthy.


Finally, dentures are an excellent choice for replacing teeth causing substantial discomfort and oral health issues, such as those with severely damaged or decaying roots.


How to care for your dentures?




Make sure you remove and properly clean them daily. It would help if you cleaned your dentures once a day at least. The best way to get rid of food debris, plaque, and other deposits is to soak them in a solution of strong denture cleaning and scrub them with a soft brush. If you use denture adhesive, clean the grooves and edges that fit against your gums to eliminate any leftover glue.

 How do you make your dentures last long? 

Cleaning after a meal:


Remember to remove and clean your dentures after each meal. Remove any bits of food by washing them in water. Putting a towel down on the counter or filling the sink with water if you drop the dentures, is a good idea.


Mouth cleaning:


Make sure to clean your teeth and gums after removing your dentures. To clean the roof of your mouth, tongue, and cheeks, use gauze or a soft toothbrush after brushing your natural teeth (palate). Remove any remaining denture adhesive from your gums if you've used any.




Put them in a water bowl and leave them overnight. Most types need to stay moist to retain their shape and form. Soak them in water or a mild denture-soaking solution for the night. Talk to your dentist if you need help deciding how to store your dentures for the night. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and soaking.


Visiting dentist:


Visiting the dentist should be a regular part of your routine: schedule checkups and cleanings at your dentist's recommendation. The dentist may examine your mouth to check for any signs of disease and ensure a proper fit, keeping your dentures from shifting or causing discomfort. Dentures that fit too loosely increase the risk of ulcers, infections, pain, and irritation, and in this situation, see a dentist immediately.

 How do you make your dentures last long? 

Avoid whitening toothpaste:


Teeth whitening toothpaste often contains peroxide as a key ingredient. Since they are not natural teeth, they retain their original color and do not need whitening products. 


Avoid using harsh materials:


Cleaning agents can contain harmful abrasives. Avoid using anything excessively abrasive, like abrasive toothpaste, brushes with bristles that are too stiff, or strong cleansers, as they can damage your dentures.


Avoid high-temperature water and meals:


Using hot water to soak your dentures and consuming hot beverages/meals with your dentures on them should be avoided because they might deform them.




Dentures can improve the aesthetics and functionality of your smile, giving you a boost in self-esteem as a bonus. However, proper maintenance is essential. Maintaining your dentures with regular washing helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and extends their useful life. Make sure to inform your dentist of any issues and use the right products while cleaning and soaking.


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