How Do Dental Sealants Work?

When cavity-causing bacteria combine with the bacteria that remains in everyone’s mouth, acids are produced that cause holes to form in teeth. In real...

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When cavity-causing bacteria combine with the bacteria that remains in everyone's mouth, acids are produced that cause holes to form in teeth. In reality, these holes correspond to the cavities. Sealant is the most effective method of cavity prevention. Dental Sealant prevents food particles from adhering to teeth hence preventing the growth of germs and acid. It maintained the cleanliness, smoothness, and safety of your teeth. Sealants are used to keep teeth free of decay. Sealant should be applied at the onset of tooth decay to prevent additional deterioration. It would be beneficial if you had frequent dental examinations to ensure adequate wear and chipping.


Sealants Help Teeth To Protect Them From Tooth Decay


Dental sealant is the best, most reliable, and simple way to prevent teeth from tooth decay. Flossing and brushing can remove food particles and plaque from the smooth surfaces, but it doesn't reach the hidden areas like grooves and pits. Sealants protect these areas by filling and making the surface smooth. It is then easier to clean teeth. It also helps you welcome healthy oral health and prevent any oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract disease. In the first year after being applied, it reduces cavities by about 86%.


Dental Sealant Is A Painless And Quick Procedure


Sealant is the thin plastic coating on your teeth. The sealants are applied to children between 6-14 when their teeth have come in. They don't require any surgical process or anesthesia. It only requires one or two visits to the clinic.


Process Of Applying Sealants


Following is the easiest process to apply sealants and protect your teeth from tooth decay;


  • In the first step, your teeth should be brushed with paste and rotating the brusg by professional dentists.
  • Then, in the next step, dry your teeth after cleaning.
  • Now apply an acidic solution on the chewing surface to make it rough.
  • After that, the teeth are rinsed and dried, then the plastic solution is applied to the surface of the tooth, and then it is hardened by using UV light.
  • Now it becomes the hard plastic coating, and you can chew again with your teeth.




Put sealants as a barrier between your lower and upper teeth while eating or chewing something. They protect the lower surface of teeth from getting crooked or broken while inserting pressure on them when eating something. The barrier also protects cavities from spreading as it blocks the contact between both teeth lines. Some people can not enjoy chewing the food due to increased teeth sensitivity; dental sealants prove beneficial in that situation. It is the easiest and quickest process and requires only 1 to 2 visits to complete them.


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The Differences Between Dental Fillings and Dental Sealants


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