Fighting Chronic Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath or halitosis occurs in almost 25% of people in the total population. It can become very embarrassing over time if not treated prope...

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Chronic bad breath or halitosis occurs in almost 25% of people in the total population. It can become very embarrassing over time if not treated properly. There are many options available in the market for treating bad breath. Still, those are temporary solutions, like mouthwashes or mouth fresheners. However, if the underlying cause remains untreated, it is impossible to permanently get rid of the bad breath. So knowing the cause of halitosis is the first step toward its treatment.




Poor oral hygiene:


When you eat something, the first place where food enters and gets crushed is your mouth. Food particles get stuck between the teeth and in the pointed ends of our molars and premolars. When the germs contact these food particles, they start deteriorating, and the teeth get contaminated. These residing food particles cause bad breath by releasing harmful products. These germs then cause cavities and plaque, which gets piled up on the teeth, thus causing permanent bad breath if it remains uncleaned.


Dry mouth:


Some medical conditions like xerostomia cause chronic dry mouth, which also causes bad breath. The saliva produced in our mouth helps detoxify and cleanse gums. It neutralizes the acidic pH of the mouth and reduces the chances of bacterial growth. The morning breath is also caused due to a dry mouth because saliva is not frequently produced while sleeping, and it gets worse if the mouth remains open.





Some drugs are broken down into smaller compounds and release chemicals that cause bad breath, e.g., some tranquilizers and nitrates. Some medications like antibiotics cause dry mouth by decreasing the amount of released saliva and contributing to mouth odor.


Other conditions like tobacco smoking and some medical conditions like mouth and throat illness are also the reasons for chronic bad breath.




The first-line treatment is cleaning the teeth properly and thoroughly. If the odor is due to plaque, cavities, or poor oral hygiene, getting the teeth cleaned once by the dentist can help you get rid of the odor.


  • Brushing the teeth twice and flossing them twice a week is the best step toward treating bad breath permanently.
  • Anything that goes into your mouth, like dentures, should be cleaned daily.
  • Suppose the bad breath is due to underlying medical conditions. In that case, treating the diseases first is the only way to solve the bad breath problems.
  • Avoid dry mouth and clean your tongue to remove the residue of the food.
  • Avoid tobacco and foods that release chemicals causing odor like onions and garlic. Using a mouthwash after eating anything which causes a bad smell is recommended.




Taking care of your oral hygiene is as important as cleaning your teeth. If the chronic bad breath persists even after following all the precautions and proper cleaning, visit your doctor or dentist to know the underlying cause and get it treated on time.


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