Everyday Habits That Cause Teeth Staining

It would be wonderful to have pearly white teeth for an entire lifetime. However, our teeth do not remain the same, and it’s better to accept this. Ev...

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It would be wonderful to have pearly white teeth for an entire lifetime. However, our teeth do not remain the same, and it's better to accept this. Everyone struggles with teeth staining issues at one or some point in life. Most of it usually comes with age or other factors. At the same time, nobody likes to look in the mirror with discolored teeth.


According to ADA estimations, over 37 million Americans use teeth whitening products to eliminate teeth staining. Untreated discolored teeth can give rise to various dental problems—for example, dental caries, gum disease, and tooth decay. Let's discover habits that cause stained teeth and what to do if your teeth are already stained.


Types of Teeth Stains


There are three primary teeth stains: extrinsic, intrinsic, and age-related stains. Extrinsic stains make their home on the outer part of the tooth, i.e., the enamel. And because they do not enter the inner part, these stains are easier to remove. Intrinsic stains affect the dentin layer, which lies beneath the enamel. These stains are a little harder to remove but are still removable.

 Everyday Habits That Cause Teeth Staining 

The age-related stains cause tooth discoloration as age progresses. Here, the enamel gets thinner, and the dentin layer becomes darker. These stains are also difficult to remove, but professional teeth whitening procedures can significantly help.


Now, the question arises, what causes teeth stains? There are a couple of reasons that cause stained teeth. These include medications, trauma, the aging process, amalgam restorations, oral diseases, poor dental hygiene, excess fluoride, etc. Here, we'll look deeply into some everyday habits that cause stained teeth so that you can play your role. Let's explore them one by one.


Everyday Habits That Cause Stained Teeth


  • Drinking Teeth-Staining Beverages


Many teeth-staining beverages cause teeth staining. These include coffee, cola, soda, tea, sports, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, citrus juice, etc. It's better to limit these drinks as much as possible.


However, some people can't live without tea or coffee. In that case, it would be best to rinse your mouth after taking them so that the acidic nature of these beverages does not stain your teeth.


  • Drinking Non-Fluoridated Water


If you drink non-fluoridated water, it can increase the likelihood of getting stains. Therefore, keep yourself well-hydrated and incorporate some sources of fluoride in your daily intake.


  • Eating Staining Foods


Just like drinks can stain your teeth, many foods can do the same. Limit foods with intense colors, such as berries, lollipops, and beetroots. Similarly, avoid acidic and sugary foods that can wear down the enamel.


However, some foods are essential and healthy, despite their color. You can't limit their use. In that case, maintain good oral hygiene and rinse after taking every meal.


  • Inappropriate Oral Hygiene Practices


Regular brushing and flossing are essential to remove tartar and plaque buildup. Poor oral hygiene practices ruin the teeth' appearance, turning yellow or brown.

 Everyday Habits That Cause Teeth Staining 

  • Smoking


The nicotine and tar content in tobacco causes stained teeth. The teeth turn yellow within a short time. Apart from stained teeth, smoking also causes many other oral health issues.


  • Not Visiting the Dentist


Infrequent dental visits for regular teeth cleaning and checkups also increase the chance of getting stained teeth.


5 Ways to Clean Stained Teeth


  • Whitening pens.
  • Whitening toothpaste.
  • Teeth whitening gel.
  • Teeth whitening strips.
  • In-office bleaching.


If you suffer from teeth staining, you can remove them using teeth whitening products or consult a dentist. We recommend professional in-office teeth cleaning for the best results.


Wrap Up


The foods we eat, the beverages we drink, and the way we maintain our hygiene significantly impact the color of our teeth. One way to keep your teeth whiter for longer is to know which foods and beverages are better to avoid. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of getting stained teeth. It would also be beneficial for your oral health otherwise.


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