Different Types of Dentures and Their Functions

Dentures are a much cheaper option than implants and help replace missing teeth. They give a set of fully functioning teeth that are aesthetically ple...

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Dentures are a much cheaper option than implants and help replace missing teeth. They give a set of fully functioning teeth that are aesthetically pleasing as well as restore chewing function. Dentures aim at improving people's smiles and offer an excellent way for their tooth restoration. Continue reading to find out the functions and types of dentures to decide which one suits you.


4 Essential Functions of Dentures


  • Food chewing


When dentures fit you perfectly, they aid in the chewing process. They deliver adequate bite force and allow effective and healthy jaw motions.


  • Jaw Support


The jawbone supporting the teeth begins to go on teeth loss. The design of dentures helps replace lost tissue and improve jaw function.


  • Clear Talk


Without teeth, people cannot speak correctly, drastically disrupting their confidence. Dentures promote clear speech, and one can talk easily in public.


  • Perfect Smile


Modern cosmetic dentistry is designing dentures that use advanced smile makeovers. The design's approach helps make people look younger. They mimic the natural tooth and aid in getting a perfect smile.


Types of Dentures


Complete/Full Dentures


Complete/full dentures replace all of the patient's missing teeth and take up the whole upper and lower jaw. They are made of acrylic.


Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are mostly made of the metal framework and prevent teeth from shifting. They help to replace one or more missing teeth.


Implant-Supported Dentures


These dentures combine two modern prosthetics, i.e., dentures and implants. Dental implants support this denture for enhanced productivity.


Custom Made Dentures


These dentures are more costly than traditional dentures and give a natural look. These dentures are custom-fitted into the patient's mouth and are visually appealing.


Immediate Dentures


Immediate dentures are well-suited for people with sufficient time for dental appointments. However, the patient has to be a good candidate for these dentures. They are ready the same day the patient undergoes tooth extraction or removal.


Snap-in Dentures


These dentures are highly stable and add convenience to the patient's life. They are removable, just like partial dentures, and the locator attachments come within the tissue side of these dentures.




Overdentures are removable, so you can place them in the maxillary (upper) or mandible (lower) jaw as per the requirement.


Upper Dentures


Upper dentures are specifically for the upper teeth. These are a good option for patients who have lost their upper teeth.


Economy Dentures


Economy dentures are optimized to provide a cost-effective solution for denture needs. These dentures are generic and therefore need denture adhesive for securing them.


Fixed Bridge


Fixed bridges replace missing teeth by surgically cementing a crown at each side of the remaining teeth. They use modern technology and are hence more costly than removable dentures.


Cantilever Bridge


It is for patients whose molar is missing, and there aren't any teeth on its side to support the bridge.




Almost all dentures are made-to-measure; therefore, they provide a perfect fit. It is imperative to care for the dentures to avoid plaque buildup, gum problems, and bad breath. Dentures provide a cost-effective way to restore your teeth and help elevate your smile. Have a meeting with your dentist about the type of dentures that suits you.


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What are dentures?


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