Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy benefits in removing infection inside the tooth. It helps relieve dental pain and tooth sensitivity by repairing damaged teeth. The...

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Root canal therapy benefits in removing infection inside the tooth. It helps relieve dental pain and tooth sensitivity by repairing damaged teeth. The treatment involves drilling a hole into the tooth and removing the infected pulp. After removing the pulp, the space is filled and sealed; in most cases, a crown is placed to secure the tooth.  


You must see your dentist if you have severe pain while chewing on food and have a hole or a crack in your tooth. You might suffer from a damaged pulp that can undermine your oral health. Your dentist will probably recommend root canal therapy to prevent the spread of infection. A root canal procedure will save you money in the long run and bring many oral health benefits. Read on to know the usefulness of a root canal treatment before you visit your dentist. 


"Higher than 25 million root canals are performed each year, according to the American Association of Endodontists. Root canal therapy has a high success rate of over 95%." 


Top Ten Benefits of Root Canal Therapy 


If you are a candidate for a root canal, you might be wondering whether to go for it. Root canal treatment offers several benefits, from relieving dental pain to enhanced tooth protection. In many cases, a root canal treatment can last a lifetime with proper care. That's why we have enlisted some notable benefits of root canal therapy for your enlightenment. Let's get to know these. 


  1. Root Canal Therapy Helps Relieve Symptoms of Infection


Many people with infected root canals suffer from fever, jaw pain, mouth tenderness, and swelling. A root canal procedure helps relieve such symptoms and comfort the patients. 


Sometimes, patients have high sensitivity to hot and cold foods and cannot eat them properly. With a mal nutritious diet, they can have certain deficiencies which can undermine their health. Root canal therapy helps boost overall health and relieve the symptoms and progression of infection. 


  1. RCT Alleviates Dental Pain and Discomfort 


A throbbing toothache is challenging to handle and tolerate. It can devastate your productivity, and you can have sleep problems. An infected root canal causes toothache that ranges from mild to severe. The pain may be consistent or come and go, but it can distract you from work. A root canal procedure can help alleviate this dental pain by removing the infected pulp. 


A root canal cleanses the bacteria and the damaged nerves and soothes your toothache. Many sedation options are available to remove the infected pulp without exaggerating dental anxiety. The root canal procedure is virtually painless and helps restore your productivity. 

 Benefits of Root Canal Therapy 

  1. Prevents Tooth Loss 


Another significant advantage of root canal therapy is that it prevents tooth loss. Tooth loss can also happen when the tooth has a cavity and is severely decayed. If the infection is left untreated, the tooth is at significant risk of being extracted. Sometimes, the tooth becomes weak and loosened so that it may fall independently. 


On the other hand, a root canal procedure helps prevent tooth loss by removing the infected pulp. When the infection is removed, the surrounding teeth are also well protected. Moreover, the root canal procedure helps prevent teeth from shifting, and patients can regain oral health. 


  1. Stops the Spread of Infection 


The infected pulp is the leading cause of decay in the tooth cavity. When the bacteria accumulate, the pulp infection comes out, and it can even spread to other areas. In doing so, the infected pulp in just a single tooth can affect the adjacent teeth. 


A root canal procedure is necessary to address such an issue. The root canal helps preserve the adjacent teeth and stops the spread of disease. Otherwise, the infection spreads to other regions, and the patient has to undergo other dental procedures. 


  1. Root Canal Therapy Provides Visually Appealing Results 


The dentist will likely crown your tooth during root canal therapy for protection. It will help preserve your smile, and you'll have good self-esteem. Besides this, it will enhance tooth aesthetics and make your tooth look better. 


After the affected area is cleansed correctly, the cavity is filled with a polymer material, or a crown is placed. Crowns help to protect the affected tooth after a root canal and are known for their cosmetic appeal, too. They match your tooth's color and give you a natural-looking smile. 


  1. It Enhances the Chewing Function 

 Benefits of Root Canal Therapy 

An infected pulp causes pain and swelling that makes chewing uncomfortable. With a lack of chewing capability, you cannot eat your favorite foods because it hurts. Root canal therapy enhances chewing function by eliminating temperate sensitivity. 


When you have hot or cold sensitivity, your chewing becomes quite painful. Besides this, it also refrains you from eating normally, and you can have several nutritional deficiencies. A root canal is necessary to eliminate these painful experiences so you can enjoy your favorite foods again. 


  1. Prevents Jawbone Degeneration 


You can preserve your tooth and the jawbone by saving your tooth through a root canal. Unlike tooth extraction, a root canal procedure leaves the infected tooth intact. This procedure provides adequate stimulation to the jawbone and prevents its degeneration. On the other hand, if a tooth has been lost or extracted, it creates a gap where adjacent teeth can shift. These teeth shifting cause overcrowding, and the patient's jawbone degenerates. 


The root canal saves the tooth's structure and helps preserve the jawbone. It is an excellent alternative to tooth extraction, where you can save a tooth. That is why you should readily visit your dentist if you have infected pulp symptoms. 


  1. This Treatment is Virtually Pain-Free 


Root canal treatment is pain-free and less painful than a tooth extraction. The recovery time and person's healing are relatively easy before he can return to his routine. Patients who experience a root canal describe it as six times less painful than a tooth extraction procedure. Modern equipment, innovative techniques, and adequate anesthesia have made it straightforward. 


Root canal therapy is both efficient and cost-effective. It just requires one to two dental sittings to complete the procedure. Many people can afford this treatment as it is highly budget-friendly 


Moreover, it saves money in the long run if the infection is treated well on time.   


  1. It Helps Preserve Your Natural Smile 


A root canal procedure aims at saving a tooth and not replacing it. Many options exist to replace a tooth; nevertheless, they never behave as your natural teeth do. A root canal is your best option to preserve your smile and continue enjoying your favorite foods. 


Nothing can ever look, feel, or function like your natural teeth. That is why dentists highly recommend root canal procedures throughout the world. 


  1. Root Canal Therapy Boosts Your Overall Health 


Besides giving oral health benefits, a root canal boosts your overall health. It helps prevent severe infections and certain health complications. An infected pulp, when left untreated, may cause health problems other than oral health. 


Sometimes, the pulp infection can spread to other body parts such as the jaw, brain, or sinuses. It, in return, leads to a feeling of sickness, pain, and discomfort. If the infected pulp is removed quickly, it can improve your life. 


Final Thoughts 


A root canal is a virtually painless procedure that helps relieve dental pain and tooth sensitivity. It removes the infected pulp and aids chewing capability. Besides these, it also gives added protection to the infected tooth by placing a crown. It's an easy and quick procedure and won't cost you more. Consult your dentist if you are a candidate for root canal treatment. Restore your oral health and enjoy your favorite foods. 


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