Benefits of A Family Dentistry

What is a Family Dentist? A family dentist is a dentist that performs dental services for patients of all ages—from toddlers to adults. Unlike some de...

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What is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a dentist that performs dental services for patients of all ages—from toddlers to adults. Unlike some dentists that can perform pediatric services but prefer not to, family dentists regularly help both adults and children with their family dentistry needs. This extra practice makes them a preferable choice to a dentist that prefers adults but may work on kids if requested. So, from toddlers just getting their first tooth to senior citizens who might benefit from tooth replacement - a family dentist can assist with all types of oral services you and your family may require.   Whilst registering with a family dentist provides a range of benefits for you and your family, we have outlined the top 4 benefits that you may have otherwise overlooked...

1)Track your family's Dental health

Typically at family dentists, we can keep track of your family’s dental as well as overall general health. Remaining at the same practice and forging a relationship with your dentist enables us to trace any genetic dental problems in your family and prevent them before they can cause any serious problems - meaning nothing can fall through the cracks when you are under the care of a family dentist. Consequently, combative methods can be put in place before it's too late!

2) Convenient and Comfortable Dental Services

Simply, family dentists are convenient and comfortable. Instead of having to register each individual family member to different dentists, you can all be seen under the same roof. You can schedule appointments that enable all your family to be seen on the same day - saving you the time, effort, and money of making multiple trips. Moreover, the common dental anxiety many patients suffer from can be alleviated at a family dentistry. Generally, the close-knit, friendly environment generates a more relaxed and soothing scenario than your prototypical gloomy dental practice. If parents have also been going to a particular practice for years, you’ll have a sense of familiarity and comfort with your dentist. Some dental procedures are painful as it is, so knowing your surroundings is an integral element to ensure a safe and seamless service.

3) All-round Dental Care

Our family dentists have vast experience in treating all sorts of dental problems. Again, family dentists will take care of all your dental requirements under one roof. Whether you are seeking teeth whitening services, dental implants or just routine check-ups, you and your family will be able to visit just one practice and leave smiling confidently and content.

4) Setting a good example for your children

Setting an example and demonstrating to your children how important the dentist is for your general well-being and oral health is a major benefit of a family dentistry. If your family all attend different dentist practices, chances are your children will not see you sitting in a dental chair and having your teeth examined. Thus, family dentists naturally set a precedent for your children to take care of their teeth and seek dental care into their adult life. 

Why Dr. Procopio’s Dental Practice?

Dr Procopio strives to maintain good oral hygiene by welcoming you into a friendly, family atmosphere for all your dental requirements. Our family dentists perform the same services that adult and pediatric dentists perform including;

  • Cleanings and checkups 
  • Placement of fillings 
  • Root canal therapy 
  • Cosmetic Services and much more 

At Procopio Towle Dental Office, family dentistry means bringing top-quality care to you and those you love in the Walnut Creek area, please call (925) 933-5677 or click here to request an appointment.

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