5 Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Do you only visit your dentist when you have a toothache or other dental problem? Did you know this could cost you money or time in the long run? The ...

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Do you only visit your dentist when you have a toothache or other dental problem? Did you know this could cost you money or time in the long run? The benefits of preventive dentistry not only save you money, but you can also prevent many dental issues even before they emerge.  


Potential issues can be discovered early and managed with minimum intervention if preventive care is practiced consistently. Prevention is always better than cure, so this strategy offers the highest investment return. It's always better to be proactive regarding your dental health. Here's a short guide about preventive dentistry and how it can improve your dental care. So, let's get started. 


What is Preventive Dentistry? 


Preventive dentistry is about caring for your teeth to avoid future health problems. It aims at educating people about good oral hygiene practices to keep their teeth in good condition. Moreover, it helps people avoid the negative consequences of unhealthy teeth and gums. 


Preventive dentistry applies to people of all ages, be it kids, younger or older adults, and the elderly. It provides special treatment to children who struggle to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Dental sealants or fluoride treatments help children eliminate cavity formation or harmful bacteria.  


What are the Benefits of Preventive Dentistry? 


  • Prevents Gum Disease 


When plaque or tartar build-up on your teeth, you risk developing gum diseases. These include moderate to severe gum inflammation, gingivitis, and periodontitis. The extreme form of gum disease could even destroy the jaw bones. 


As it said, prevention is better than cure; preventive dentistry detects early symptoms before they appear. The sooner your dentist catches signs of gum disease, the better it is. In return, you can save money for your dental health care needs, especially in the long run. 

 5 Benefits of Preventive Dentistry 

  • Stops Cavity Formation


Cavity and tooth decay is becoming more common nowadays due to unhealthy diet patterns and oral hygiene habits. Preventive dentistry help prevents cavity formation with consistent visits to the dentist. You still require additional treatments, no matter how good you are at brushing or flossing your teeth. 


Preventive dentistry helps to reach every nook and corner of your teeth with professional teeth cleaning. Dentists can also apply dental sealants or fluoride treatment to secure teeth from tooth decay. 


  • Resolves the Issue of Bad Breath


Bad breath is unpleasant and can contribute to tooth decay or infection. It is, therefore, essential to resolve the issue of bad breath to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 


Preventive dentistry offers treatments to cure bad breath. These include practicing good dental hygiene, using fluoride toothpaste, rinsing with mouthwash, etc.   


  • Detects Jaw Problems in Advance 


A lot of people are still unaware of the fact that certain conditions can affect the jaw or surrounding areas. Problems in the jaw make it difficult to chew food or talk fluently. Moreover, a misaligned jaw could even create breathing problems and impede your general well-being. 


Preventive dentistry helps prevent jaw problems by diagnosing early symptoms. You can be well protected from such issues and enjoy your food without fear. 


  • Improves Teeth Appearance


Plaque and tartar not only contribute to dental problems but could also undermine your teeth' appearance. Many people become psychologically disturbed when they see their ugly teeth in the mirror. 


Preventive dentistry offers regular cleaning treatments that keep your teeth healthy and shiny. Even if you do not invest in professional whitening treatments, your teeth can still look better.   


How Preventive Dentistry Contributes to Your Dental Care? 


People often take oral health for granted. However, it contributes to overall health functioning. The better your teeth are, the better your general health. Now think the opposite. If your teeth are unhealthy, they can negatively affect your life quality and impede your overall well-being. 


Concluding Thoughts


Preventive dentistry helps promote good dental habits such as brushing, flossing, or fluoride treatments. It is crucial for children who usually struggle with maintaining good oral health hygiene. Professional cleanings and dental exams at an early age ensure a lifetime of good dental health.


To learn more about the benefits of preventive dentistry, Contact your Dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Tiziana Procopio Towle, DDS, at Procopio Towle Dental Office.




What is Preventive Dentistry?


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