Cosmetic Dentistry: Before vs After

Before and After

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Do your teeth make you unhappy?

Many Americans do not feel comfortable with the overall appearance of their teeth – making them lack confidence and self-esteem. Here at Dr. Procopio’s dental practice, we can help alleviate any feelings of low confidence, with our cosmetic treatments that can provide you with a brighter, whiter smile.

The experienced, dentists at Dr. Procopio’s are here to help you fix any issues you may have regarding your teeth. Our cosmetic treatments not only improve the overall aesthetic of your teeth but also enhance your dental hygiene.

Dental veneers are one of our best solutions to help you fix damage caused by decay or injury.

We have a team of experienced dentists, skilled at transforming smiles using the latest aesthetic treatments including veneers.

dentures have been around for centuries! With continual improvements in materials and techniques, patients of today’s skilled dentists can restore their smiles to a very natural look and feel.


There are a number of factors that can greatly affect the overall appearance and functionality of your teeth. Whether its a product of poor dental hygiene, cracks in your teeth, or discoloring over time. We understand that any discrepancies you may have with your smile can make you very insecure.

Our before and after image gallery below highlights how teeth can naturally become worn, damaged, and discolored over time – particularly when the enamel weakens as you age. However, all of these problems can be addressed and treated with our veneer’s procedures.

You no longer need to feel insecure, as there are procedures in place to restore your smile in the most natural and comfortable way!

Have a look at our before and after pictures below to see what huge transformation veneers can make:

dental 1
dental 2
dental 3
dental 4
dental 5
dental 6
dental 7
dental 8
dental 9
dental 10
dental 11
dental 13
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